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My Top Five Reasons To Be Grateful

December 12th, 2009 No comments

2009_on_beach_2This time of year makes it very easy for me to stop and reflect on the bounty of riches in my life. Within the span of one week last month I celebrated a wedding anniversary, Thanksgiving and my birthday. Those three events alone give good cause for thanks. But my list certainly doesn’t stop there. The focus of this post is on the gifts our Nu Skin business provides and doesn’t include the abundance of other reasons to be grateful—such as having a beautiful, loving wife, wonderful family and friends, and good health.

For me there are always more than five reasons to be grateful and my list is constantly expanding. But for today, here are my top five.

1. The freedom to be an entrepreneur.
We are so fortunate to live in a country where choosing to be an entrepreneur and owning your own business is possible. Think about that for a minute. If you decide this is the course you want to take, to write your own paycheck and control your family’s destiny that’s exactly what you can do. There are many places in the world where this is not the case. With NSE they even do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. They provide the major capital necessary to operate your business. (products, research and development, employees, inventory, billing, shipping, on and on) Very few of us could ever amass the capital to do all of this on our own. With our business it takes as little as a few hundred dollars to make it happen yet you have the power and backing of a billion dollar company to call your very own. That is truly priceless and we will always be thankful for that opportunity.

2. Having a rock solid company to partner with.
All too often when people start a business they are focused intently on the short term goal of making money—and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. However, if you truly want to build a long-term business, one that can last a lifetime and can be passed on to future generations, then it becomes very important to partner with a company that exhibits sound financial and ethical practices. NSE will most certainly be around for the long haul and has without a doubt illustrated these attributes throughout its first 25 years. Here are two extremely relevant examples that I’m sure you will appreciate. Commission checks to distributors have never been paid late and not one single commission check has ever failed to clear the bank. That’s a trustworthy performance to say the least! Clearly, because of this unshakable foundation, NSE will be around for as long as we choose to partner with them. And that is just like having money in the bank.

3. The capacity to compound income through leverage.
This concept is one of the key attractions to a Network Marketing business model. Our business is based on the principle of a lot of like minded individuals coming together to form a network where everyone does a little bit each. (we are super thankful for each and every distributor that is or has been part of our organization) It is through this approach that every business owner has the potential to grow a networked organization from just a few to several thousand individuals. And one of the most attractive and powerful aspects of this business is the ability to leverage the individual successes of a large group of people which can result in the generation of significant income. The beautiful part is that the power of leverage is available to everyone, regardless of background, education or previous success.

4. Ability to help others by giving back.
From the very beginning the success of our business has been based on the principle of giving back to others. Whether it was sharing the business opportunity, products, or mentoring and training new distributors the central premise is improving our life as a result of finding ways to improve the lives of others. NSE’s mission to be a Force for Good in the world (including the Nourish the Children initiative) has provided additional ways for us to give back. It is so rewarding to be involved with this company and to be in a business that cares just as much about its social responsibility as it does profits.

5. Living the lifestyle of our dreams.
Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution people have been trading their time for money. In exchange all they had to do was show up on time, do what they were told and not ask questions. Life was to be lived and enjoyed after you completed your 40 year plan (sometime around age 65). We are so grateful that this business enables us to live our lives to the fullest each and every day. We don’t use alarm clocks. There is no 9 – 5, five day week working to make someone else wealthy. Laura and I get to spend our days and nights together. We can vacation and travel at our convenience. We work with whom we want, when we want. We work from the comfort of our home (often in our pajamas) with zero time spent stuck in traffic commuting. We can literally operate our business from anywhere in the world. We don’t directly trade our time for money because we are leveraged—income continues to be generated even while we are playing. And that is an exceptional way to live life.

As we wind down 2009 and head into 2010 take time to reflect and write down your own top five reasons to be thankful. Accept that you may not have accomplished all you desire and begin now to take the actions required to make those unfulfilled dreams reality. Your gratitude list will more than likely be a lot longer than you might have expected and we’d love to hear what’s on your list.

No Bait-and-Switch Permitted Here!

November 23rd, 2009 3 comments

bait_and_switchHave you ever found yourself wondering if what’s on the label of products you use or are considering buying are actually in the product? Most of us don’t have the time or inclination to verify this for the hundreds of products we use. As a result we have to trust what companies tell us is in fact true. Reality is, this is not always the case. While reading a recent Natural News Insider Alert I learned that a product I’ve used and enjoyed for years is a current example of the bait-and-switch tactics employed by some companies. The particular product I learned about is Silk Soy Milk which up until a few months ago was sold clearly marked as USDA certified organic. Then one day that labeling simply disappeared. What Dean Foods (owner of the Silk brand) chose to covertly do was to change from an organic product to a non-organic product without telling consumers. Whether this decision was based on the cost or availability of organic ingredients or a way to increase profits isn’t really clear. What is clear is that Dean Foods chose to make this change and hope that no one (even their retailers) would notice or care. (read full article here)

How reassuring it is to know that the NSE products we represent (Nu Skin and Pharmanex) will always contain what’s required to deliver the safest and most effective products on the market. This doesn’t mean that ingredients won’t change over time it just means we can trust that what is going into our products is based on the most current and rigorous research as well as manufacturing processes. From the onset 25 years ago, NSE made the brand promise of “All of the good, none of the bad” regarding products brought to market. Over the years this promise has been refined through painstaking scientific discipline that equals or exceeds the standards set by the pharmaceutical industry—delivering that same pharmaceutical approach to natural health and skin care.

If you’ve been around NSE for any amount of time surely you’ve heard about the company’s 6S Quality Process. This process ensures users that Nu Skin and Pharmanex products are developed through clinical and pre-clinical testing (the measurable difference) and not on simple anecdotal evidence. This innovative approach is the result of years of unparalleled research by the company in skin and nutritional science combined with some of the greatest minds in the scientific world. All of this reinforces the latest Nu Skin brand promise of the Difference Demonstrated. (more about the 6S process and the latest hot topics)

You should find great comfort each and every day as you work your business knowing that distributors and customers will never experience such a bait-and-switch tactic from Nu Skin or any of our products. No skimping on ingredients or cutting corners for the sake of increasing corporate profits. The products simply deliver results as promised. They are referenced in national and international publications. (see the latest news coverage) We can all trust in the knowledge that NSE has a proven track record of bringing innovative and effective products to market. This not only relieves the pressure of having to worry about the quality, safety and efficacy of the products your represent but frees you to focus 100 percent on building your business with complete confidence. No need for concern about bait-and-switch here. And it doesn’t get much better than that!

Lifetime Value Of A Customer

September 13th, 2009 No comments

Online shoppingIt’s no secret that one of the keys to creating a long term residual income with our business rests in creating a base of customers who consume products. Have you stopped to really think about this concept and to realize how important the lifetime value of each customer is to you? (lifetime value equals the total amount a customer spends over the time they do business with you) Once you have an idea of what this number look like you’ll begin to realize what just a 5% to 10% increase in retention of customers means to your business.

Research finds that repeat customers spend, on average, 67 percent more than new customers. (Source: Bain and Company) So how do you get repeat business and earn customer loyalty?

Take a lesson from many small businesses that long ago grasped the importance of building customer relationships. They nurture their customers through personal interaction and over time learn and remember individual preferences and interests. They keep in touch with customers on a regular basis ensuring their products remain “top of mind.” (Craig Bryson’s Nu View technology will absolutely impact this—to learn more go to and look in NuLab)

Let’s look at a couple of examples. Take a customer who spends only $25 per month. That equals $300 on an annual basis. If they remain your customer for four years that means their value to you without any increase is $1200. Now, let’s look at what happens when they increase the amount spent by just 10% per year. At the end of four years they are now spending $33 per month or $399 annually. (33% more than when they started—isn’t compounding grand) As you grow your customer base to say 100 over the course of a year you’ll see the following results. Total revenue in those four years is just shy of $140,000.

Yr. 1 100 x 300 = $  30,000
Yr. 2 100 x 330 = $  33,000
Yr. 3 100 x 363 = $  36,300
Yr. 4 100 x 399 = $  39,900
Four Yr. Total $139,200

With the introduction of the new ageLOC products growing many of your current and new customers to the $100 per month level becomes a real probability. Even if only 5% – 10% of your customers do this you can see what potential exists. Now duplicate this 5, 10, 20 or more times in your organization and the numbers become pretty impressive.

So the next time you look at that $25 sale to a new customer don’t underestimate what their true lifetime value means to the growth of your business and income.

The Future Is Now!

September 10th, 2009 No comments

network montage imageIf you’ve been following any of the activities of the Nu Leadership Network or the launch of you certainly understand that something very special is happening. Today marks the introduction of another piece of the ecosystem designed to take all of our businesses into the future. (Those at the August conference got an early preview)

As the saying goes this is not your father’s same old network marketing business. Indeed, what Craig Bryson and his technology team have put together is a set of remarkable technologies enabling distributors to communicate in ways that have only been dreamt about before. I’m not going to try and explain how the technology works, because you really have to experience it to begin to understand the impact and potential. I will say that in my 15 years of working with the Internet, that with out a doubt, the Nu View Network Connector technology is one of the most powerful marketing tools I’ve seen and the beta version is now available to all Nu Leadership Network members.

What does this do for us as distributors? Craig puts it in perspective when he says that the Nu View Network Connector “puts information in front of people where they already go.” This includes social networking sites like Facebook and company sites like The potential for how this applies to our business is limitless. It includes new ways of communicating with team members, increasing retention, and the overall strength of your Nu Skin organization. Add to that the ability to market to customers and stay in touch with former distributors and you begin to understand how application of this tool can magnify your business as never before.

I encourage you, regardless of your technical knowledge or comfort level, to get started today learning how these new tools and sites benefit you. First, register to be part of the Nu Leadership Network and Then listen to Craig’s blog talk from September 10th to get a good overview of the market trends and new technologies. To listen to his blog talk click here. What’s important is to stay connected, explore, experiment and increase your understanding every single day.

You really can’t afford not to—because the future is now!