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Are You Cashing In On Your Education?

November 11th, 2009 4 comments

sharing_a_secret_2Robert Kiyosaki states point blank in his book, The Business School, that the greatest value of any network marketing business may not be the potential income or the product, but the education. Whether this relates to marketing, sales or personal development, are you taking full advantage of the education your mentors and coaches are ready to give you?

Over the years Laura and I have had the privilege of being trained and mentored by some of the most successful leaders within NSE. I’ve always found it rather amazing that legends like Craig Bryson, Laura Kall and Jerry Campisi (along with so many others) have been willing to freely share their insights and knowledge with us. Combine that with the incredible people and resources provided by Nu Skin and it’s as though we’ve received an MBA in Network Marketing.

What puzzles me is why so few distributors take advantage of this same opportunity. During my time as a corporate executive, ongoing training and education were two of the most valued and requested employee perks. Maybe in our business, distributors simply don’t know how or what to ask for.

So what are some ways to ensure that you are gaining the most from your training opportunities? Here are just a few to get you started.

  • Become a student of your business. This is not a lottery and your success is not based on chance. The person who introduced you to the business is the place to start. Ask them to work with you to develop your step by step learning plan.
  • Take advantage of every training call, newsletter and email from your leaders. to gain information and knowledge. These are key elements of your education and are just like going to class. The more you immerse yourself in the business, the faster your learning curve will be—in other words you’ll become successful faster.
  • Don’t be shy or wait patiently to be told what to do. Your coach will mirror your actions. If they don’t hear from you they will assume you don’t need their help which will really slow you down.
  • Talk with your coach on a regular basis, even if it’s for only 15 minutes at a time. Focus on a single, key issue that is impacting your success. Don’t waste this time by whining or complaining. It’s not productive and takes energy away from what’s really important.
  • Seek out those who have achieved success and duplicate them. Remember, you have six levels of upline executives to work with. One or more of them is going to mesh well with your personality and work style.
  • Be completely and totally coachable. Don’t try to reinvent the business. Accept that those who have achieved success before you know what they’re doing and are willing to train you in the most direct route to your success—minus the mistakes.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Network Marketing is that unlike a majority of other businesses where everyone is clawing and scrapping to get ahead of you, in our business model, your upline, sponsor and success coach each have a vested interest in your success. In the simplest of terms—if you don’t succeed, they don’t succeed. And that’s precisely why the focus on education and learning is so strong.

So ask yourself again if you are cashing in by taking advantage of the remarkable education available. Answer honestly. If it’s not the answer you want take action today to begin receiving some of the best real life business training you’ll find anywhere.

Just Like Having A Set Of Training Wheels

October 11th, 2009 No comments

Training wheels While on a recent bicycle ride (one of my passions in life) I observed a father teaching his young daughter how to ride her bike. This little girl’s face exhibited sheer joy with her sense of accomplishment. The training wheels and fatherly support he provided are indeed very similar to what each new person in our business receives—instruction, security and balance. And just like the little girl, this type of support is readily available to every distributor, both new and old.

In a recent article Kevin Dougall ( puts in perspective just how important coaching can be when starting and growing a business from home.

“One of the major benefits of a coach is that they can help you step out of the detail, for a time, and see the big picture. They can help you to gain a perspective and see more clearly the direction in which you’re heading. Being able to see the big picture from time to time can inject a lot of energy into your business.

Remaining focused on, or even changing or adapting, your original vision and goals can be difficult when there is so much to do. A coach can provide the support and guidance you need in addressing this most important of issues. Your coach should be the person who can regularly remind you of your purpose; and the core values that you have for yourself and your business.”

Dougall concludes “And perhaps most importantly of all, a coach will provide you with an impartial sounding board. It is amazing how often we can sort out a problem on our own, simply by talking it through with someone else.”

It’s a shame that all too often we undervalue having a personal mentor and miss out by not taking advantage of their cumulative knowledge and experiences. Just like the MasterCard ad states—the price of admission for your business may be measured in dollars, but what you receive in return from your coach and mentor is priceless.

Don’t underestimate the value of your sponsor, success coach and upline. They love working with people who want to learn. And just like having a set of training wheels—they are there to support you until you’re ready to ride on your own.